Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Stand Alone Online E-Stores

Perhaps none of the existing online marketplaces fit enough of you needs to join them.  You can set up your own and make it your only online store, or you can do it in addition to other ecommerce sites that have some of the features you want.


The advantages of your own online store relate to control and adaptability to your design needs.

You retain control of the design, layout, branding, etc., of your site.  This helps maintain your identity or brand and aligns it with your product range.

You have control of when the store is live and when it is updated. You, of course make the rules for what can be listed and how it is displayed.

You don’t have to acquire a lot of knowledge about setting up websites and online stores. Website builders offer templates and store services. You can also use professional website builders to get complete control.

You can link to Etsy or other market places from your own store.  You can funnel the traffic from these sites to own site.

Your own site will enable you to build closer relationships with your buyers. You can communicate directly rather than through intermediaries.


Nothing comes free of course.  There are some disadvantages to establishing and running your own site.

An especially important element of a store is visits – akin to footfall in real life stores.  You must get people to visit.  You get the visits by making the links with people using a variety of communications.  You need to combine social media with the creation of newsletters, direct mail, blogging, etc.  These relationship building efforts are vital to get people to your website and store.

There are costs relating to hosting fees and one-off fees for the building of the website.  The online stores also charge fees in different ways, so a careful comparison of the best-looking services is important.

There will be additional administration in comparison to an online marketplace.

Questions for E-commerce Site Building
What are the facilities for integration of Etsy offerings into your own store? Will separate loading be required?

Is drag and drop site building supported? Is there user support or a user group to support you?

Is an integrated shopping cart available?  What are the order fulfilment assistance options?

Will the site support expanded functions as your business grows?  How adaptable it the site to changes in business?

Is the e-commerce site a market place?  How will exposure of the site to potential buyers be managed?

What is the cost for the features you want?

The Balance

You must decide whether the advantages of having your own e-commerce site outweighs the disadvantages in terms of traffic, time spent developing relationships, administration and cost

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