Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Using Space on Shelves

Often there is unused space on the kiln shelves when you are firing a project. With a bit of planning, you can make use of the spaces for a variety of things.

Frits fired on fibre paper

Bowl made from frit balls

You can place piece of frit in the clear areas to make frit balls.

You can make colour tests on plaques of glass to see the results of strikers, powder combinations or results of various depths of colour.

Compatibility tests can be done with pieces of glass of which you are not certain.

simple stress testing set-up

Strip of fired glass samples for testing

Results - those with halo are stressed

In the same way, annealing tests can be conducted.

You can fire small pieces of jewellery at the same time as your larger pieces.

You can also prepare elements for incorporation into other fusing projects and lay them out in the open spaces on the shelf.  Your use of the spare space is related both to your imagination and to your future projects.

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