Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cleaning Blending Brushes

Cleaning badger brushes just before use, is easy. Flick, gently and rapidly, the very ends of the brush hairs against the side of your hand – but use respiratory protection and be careful not to inhale any dust. If you notice flecks of dust in your paint when you create a grisaille you’ll know it’s time for a thorough and wet cleaning again.

After each use, rinse out the brush tips in cool water. Gently rub the tips of the brush hairs to loosen any extra paint. Grasp he hairs above the tips to keep the water from the main part of the brush. Then wet the exposed ends of the hairs and rub them gently until the water runs clear. 

If you use a blender for oil, you will need to use a small amount of natural soap, if so, thoroughly rinse.

Flick the brush to remove excess water, smooth the hairs into shape and allow to completely dry by hanging the brush with the hairs pointing downward – this avoids water flowing into the brush base where the hairs are attached. If you have round-handled brushes, you can twirl the brush between your hands to remove excess water.

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