Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Choosing Glass for a Harmonious Appearance, 3

Different colours, of course, have different appearances. The most commonly known one is the hot/cool colour combinations. This still applies when dealing with opalescent glasses, where reflection is the dominant experience of the colour.

But in glass where there is quite a bit of light transmission, the receding and advancing colours are not exactly the same as in painting and opalescent glass. The greatest separation comes with intense red (close) and intense blue (distant). In some circumstances these can be experienced as apparently being in different planes.

There are a few distinct advancing and receding colours, but most are much more subtle and are not all as expected from the experience of reflected colour. Clear, for example appears nearer than a strong blue. It is up to each person as to how far they wish to take these combinations.

Those who do want to investigate, should go to a place where they can view windows with small pieces and a variety of colour in strong light. They can then record which colours appear to “float” above others, or recede.

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