Sunday, 12 March 2017

Polishing Brushes

The polishing brush should have moderately soft bristles. A long bristled shoe polishing brush can be used, although one that is a little stiffer does the job more quickly.

A shoe polishing brush

It is important to keep these brushes free of hardened cement, as a brush containing pieces of hardened cement will scratch the leads rather than darken them. As soon as the polishing is finished, inspect the brush for little balls of cement. Rubbing the brush against a clean rough surface will clean it while the cement is “wet”. Also running the brush at an angle on the sharp edge of your work bench will clear some of the cement adhering to the bristles.

A polishing brush with slightly stiffer bristles

If the cement hardens, you can clean the brush by crushing the hard balls of cement with a pair of pliers. Or you can just get a new shoe polishing brush.

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