Saturday, 11 March 2017

Drawing an Oval

Need to draw an oval for a panel? Here's how:
  • Set out the long axis horizontally.
  • Set out the short axis at the half way point of the long axis at right angles to the horizontal.
  • Measure half the short axis on each side of the long, horizontal axis.
  • Calculate half the measurement of the longest line. In this example the long line is 340mm and the short axis is 200mm long.  
  • Half the long axis is 170mm.
  • Use that as a diagonal measurement from the end of the vertical axis. 

  • Measuring from the end of the shortest line, mark off this amount on the longest line, right and left. You can use a ruler or compass set to the correct length, both will work.
  • Insert a pin at both these points.

  • Place a piece of thread, string - or in this case a quick release tie - round one pin. Tie a knot in the thread at the far end of the longest line.
  • Put a pencil inside the loop. Pull the thread taut and begin to draw the oval.  Keep the tension even throughout the drawing to avoid a lopsided oval.

For a leaded panel, the space occupied by the lead came will need to be accounted for in the measuring of the dimensions.

This is a simple method that does not require much in the way of tools, but its accuracy is a result of the degree of attention to details.

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