Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Edge Working Options for Glass

There are a number of standard options for the worked shape of edges.  The simplest is to have a seamed edge, where just enough sanding is done to take the sharpness from the edge.

The next is to have an arris where more glass is removed, usually as a chamfer, but sometimes in a rounded, bullnose effect.  These are commonly used for glass that is to be toughened.

Flat chamfered and often polished edges are quite common also.

Bevelled glass is very common on mirrors as this reduces the reflection of the inside of the frame holding the glass.

As you can see from the attached illustration, there are a number of standard edge treatments, although some of them are uncommon.

The seamed, arrised and flat polished edges are easiest to create by hand grinding.  The other more fancy edges require machines.

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