Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Reclaiming Solder

Re-using solder can range from simply soldering the ends of the solder sticks together (if you are using blowpipe solder). This will then form a useable stick with solder blobs on its length.

If you have a number of blobs and splashes, don't throw them out. Collect them together and when you have enough you can make them into another stick of solder.

You can tape two narrow pieces of glass onto a length of marble or heavy steel about 3-4 mm apart. Put the pieces in the channel formed by these two pieces of glass and melt the pieces with your soldering iron. This will form a useable stick.

Lifting the new solder stick from the wood

The same can be done by cutting out a 3mm wide and deep channel in a piece of timber and doing the same as above. The wood will smoke a bit and blacken, but not ignite.  And you can use a blowtorch to melt the solder if you do it this way.

Using the (slightly irregular) solder stick

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