Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Removing Kiln Wash

Kiln wash can get stuck on items for a variety of reasons

A variety of ways to remove the kiln wash are:

Grind the kiln wash off with diamond hand pads, or small rotary tool with wet sandpaper. You can then proceed to continue to grind with successively fine grits until a polish is achieved, or you can fire polish after a thorough cleaning.

Example of scrubbing kiln wash off

You can sandblast off the kiln wash and then proceed in either of the fashions above.

You can soak small pieces in vinegar and then scrub with a wire brush – a brass wire brush is preferable to steel one to avoid scratching the glass.

Another solution is to place small items in an ultrasonic cleaner basket with water and a little soap or proprietary cleaner. Leave for an hour or two and they should be free of the kiln wash.

A link to some methods of cleaning shelves is here.


  1. Good timing of this post. I was just wondering how to remove kiln wash from a piece. Thank you! Much appreciated.

    How about a post on removing kiln wash from a shelf?

  2. Your wish is my command:
    I should have added this as a link and will do now.