Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Gas Fired Kilns

Installing a Gas Fired Kiln

There are a number of considerations about the location of a gas kiln.

Air exchange
The kiln should be placed in an area where there is good air exchange. For a number of reasons, it is usually convenient to place the kiln near an outside wall – ventilation and canister storage are the two most important.

There should be a low level vent to the outside to allow air to rise for the use of the combusting gas. There needs to be high level vent for the gas to escape. Ideally a hood with powered extraction would be installed.

As with any kiln, you need to have sufficient space around the kiln to avoid heating any flammable materials. In the case of a gas kiln you need to be careful to avoid storing any thing that might ignite above the kiln. You can put heat resistant materials around the kiln if desired.

Location and storage of gas canisters
The safest place to put the gas canisters is outside the building. This does mean going outside to turn the valve on the gas canister on and off. However this is the safest place, should any fire start in the building, because the fire brigade can find and remove it from the fire. This placing applies to both the in use canister and any other full or empty canisters.

Finally, even with these precautions, you should install a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide has no smell and can overcome you very quickly. Even a few minutes of exposure can leave you feeling ill for days.  

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