Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cleaning Glass

Glass with dust, oil or other residues promotes devitrification. So first try to remove any excess of these.

Cutting without oil can avoid introducing more oils. Specially formulated cuttings fluids are available that are not oil.

Wash with only a few drops of washing up liquid of the kind without additives to keep you hands soft, or smell good. If there are soap bubbles on top of the water, you are using too much soap.

Window cleaning products are not usually appropriate, especially if they contain ammonia. A few products do not have additives that promote devitrification. One that works well for me is the Bohle aerosol cleaner (but not the concentrate).

Be careful about your rinsing water. If it has mineral salts in it, it can form nucleation points for devit.

Polish dry using plain paper towels or microfiber cloths. Change frequently and wash without softeners.

If you are grinding the edges, clean immediately before any part dries to avoid the powdered glass filling the scratches caused by grinding. Some put the ground pieces into a bowl of water immediately to keep the edges wet until cleaning can be done.

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