Sunday, 20 January 2013

Cutting thick glass

Use the correct angle of cutter wheel for the thickness. 

Use a similar pressure to cutting 3 or 6 mm glass. It is natural to think that as the glass is thicker, you need to use more pressure. The different angle of the cutter wheel is designed to transfer the standard pressure more directly downward.

Use cut runners made for thick glass to help break the glass. Run score from both ends of the score, especially on curved scores.
Example of cut runners for thick glass

Alternatively, turn the over and use hammer and rounded screw driver to run the score (similar to tapping method for thinner glass). Place the screw driver blade directly over the score line and tap it with a hammer. This will start the run. Continue it by placing the screw driver over the score at the end of the open score and tap again to continue the run.