Monday, 30 April 2012


Where should I start cutting the glass from the inside or outside of the cartoon?”

Once the colour selections are made, you can start the cutting in what ever order suits you. Some cut colour by colour. Others cut the glass in the order that fits together. This usually means the main image is cut first and the pieces laid up on a glass easel to determine their interactions. When satisfied, the background or in-fill pieces are cut and fitted.

Where should I start building a panel?”

When starting the assembly, begin at a lower corner. Whether left or right will depend on whether you are right or left handed and the way the panel fits together. Although sometimes it can be easiest to build from the top toward the bottom. Starting in a corner, together with battens or supports for the outer edge  will keep everything in place as you work.

When working on an oval or circle, you can use a multiplicity of nails around the outside edge to hold the glass pieces. An alternative is to cut the curve into a piece or pieces of float glass and fix this to the work board to hold the glass. If you do this use the outside of the cutline so that there is space for the heart of the perimeter lead.