Saturday, 5 December 2009

Even Solder Beads

Getting even solder beads is a lot about where you look while you solder. Unlike drawing or cycling looking at where you are going is not so useful when soldering. You need to see the effects of what you are doing so looking behind the solder bit will help you understand what you are doing. If the bead begins to get small or narrow you either slow down the forward movement of the solder bit or add solder to it more quickly. If the bead begins to get too thick, you do the opposite. You can move the bit faster, or reduce the speed of feeding the solder to the bit.

Another element in getting an even bead is the heat being delivered. If you use a wide soldering bit you are delivering more heat to the joint. You hold the chisel bit so that it runs along the foil. The bigger the bit, the more heat is being held. And the more heat held in the bit, the more heat is applied to the soldering. Small bits are for getting into tight spots and for decorative soldering. Big wide bits are best for running beads.