Monday, 25 May 2009

Water Proofing of Pattern Pieces

Many people put their pattern pieces onto the glass they are going to grind, or saw to attempt to get a good fit to the cartoon. The water from the grinder makes paper templates soggy and liable to tear or disintegrate so failing to for a good guide to grinding.

One solution is to stick self adhesive plastic on top of the pattern before you cut it all apart. Then you have some protection when you grind.  The plastic sticks to the surface of the paper and resists the water.  However, the water can seep between the glass and the unprotected bottom of the paper or, even if protected with plastic on both sided, through the exposed edge.

You can spray or apply clear lacquer on the paper pattern pieces before attaching them to the glass and grinding. This has slightly better results as the edge is most often sealed better than with two layers of plastic.

You can use clear acetate film (ca. 0.2mm thick) as a completely water resistant pattern. Cut your pattern pieces from the acetate film and stick them on to the glass with blutack or any other gum based adhesive. This works well and does not suffer from the water deteriorating the pattern piece.