Saturday, 5 January 2013

Orientation of Cutter Heads

In addition to the alignment of the cutter, you need to be sure you are moving the cutter forward in the way it was designed. If you look at the cutter from the side you will see two things. The most obvious one is that the angles of the cutaway on the head are shallower at the front and steeper at the back. In addition if you look carefully, the axel for the wheel is slightly forward of the centre line of the whole cutter.

Cutters aligned to score to the left

So it does not matter where the fixing screw on the head is. It may be at the front or at the back. What matters is the cutaway at the back which allows the cutter to be used with a shallower angle, than if reversed. This is most obvious on wide cutter heads.

Cutters arranged to score to the right

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