Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pre-Set Schedules

Moving on from pre-set schedules

If your kiln has come with pre-set schedules, the first thing to find out is what rates, temperatures and times are set for the fast medium and slow fuse, tack and slump schedules.

Then, rather than just pressing the appropriate button, enter the numbers into the controller for each firing. This will give you confidence in programming the firings. Alter one element (such as the rate of advance, or the soak length) each time you enter the schedule and record the results. This will enable you to see what different rates, temperatures and soaks will do to your glass.

Make quick observations for fusing from about 750C every quarter of an hour to see how the glass is reacting. For slumping the observations should start about 600F. If the glass has reached the state you want before that segment of the schedule has completed, just advance the programme to the next segment (read your manual to find out how to do that on your controller).

It is only by making alterations and observing the results that you will gain the confidence to do your own programming when you do something the manufacturer didn't think about. There are so many factors, the programmes work for a limited range of possibilities.