Saturday, 25 January 2014

Maintaining a Single Colour on the Edge

The piece in the middle distance shows the different colours of the two layers

Keeping the edge one colour on a two or multiple colour piece can be done by cutting the upper layer larger than the lower one(s). If you are making a 6mm thick piece, the upper piece needs to be 3mm larger all around. So if you have a 300mm diameter base piece, the top will need to be 306mm in diameter. This allows a coloured top to bend over a clear base, giving the appearance of a single colour throughout.

However if you are building thicker than 6mm and are willing to allow the glass to flow, you do not need to add the full thickness of the glass to the size of the capping piece. I find that at 9mm thick, I need only 4mm all around to cover the layers. This may be because the outer edges are nearer 6mm than 9mm thick.

Of course, if the final piece needs to be a pre-determined size the lower layers can be cut 3mm smaller than the top all around (for 6mm thick pieces).  The top is cut to the final size of the piece.