Friday, 30 November 2012

Storing Moulds


  • protection – some form of container is required to maintain the life of the mould. A container also prevents the kiln wash or other separator from being rubbed off.
  • ease of access – It should be easy to get to the moulds, especially as some can be heavy.
  • flat vs vertical – some like to store moulds in boxes vertically rather than horizontal with them stacked one above another.
  • In either case you need shelves of the right depth and height to store and support the moulds.
  • custom made vs bought in – Moulds you have purchased normally come in their own boxes which can be retained for storage for a number of years. You can also make light weight boxes either from old boxes or card cut to size and taped and glued together. More robust boxes can be made from thin plywood or thin pressed board.