Sunday, 25 November 2012

Quarry Glazing

For some reason that I have never learned, the regularly shaped pieces of glass that are leaded into a window are called quarries.  The derivation of the word relating to excavation comes from its middle English variant of medieval Latin quareria, from Old French quarriere, based on Latin quadrum 'a square'.   How it came to be applied to pieces of glass is unknown apparently.  However, in stained glass, "quarries" can relate to rectangles, diamonds, circles, etc., not only squares

These kinds of glazing are weak as there are long straight lines created with these designs. The best way of counteracting this weakness is to “weave” the lead joints within the panel combined with more frequent than usual glazing bars.

It may be wise to use a glazing bar at every second set of joints rather than merely consider the distance between bars.