Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Aperture Drops - Stopping the Drop

Arresting the drop and cooling the piece can be complicated, as you need to cool the kiln quickly enough to stop the glass moving.

The higher the forming temperature of of the work, the quicker you need to stop the movement of the glass. This will involve opening the kiln to cool the glass enough so that it becomes stiff and resists further movement. You need to be aware that you are cooling glass that ranges in thickness from relatively thick to relatively thin. The thin parts will cool faster than the thick parts. Flash cooling for too long will make the thin parts very stiff, while the thicker part are still hot. This could lead to breakage if allowed to continue down to the annealing soak temperature.

A lower forming temperature will allow you to simply advance to the rapid cool portion of the schedule down to the annealing soak without the need for flash cooling. You do need to make this skip to the next segment just a minute or so before the piece reaches its desired length or shape. This will not be difficult to judge as you will have been checking frequently at this portion of the firing.