Monday, 28 September 2009

Glass Polishing Machines - Linisher

A wet belt sander, or linisher, is a machine intended to grind the edges of flat pieces of glass. It can do some work on bent, shaped, or slumped work, but its primary function is edging work while it is flat.

Table top model

The machines consist of a vertical or near vertical belt and a water supply to keep the belt and work lubricated and cool. Work generally starts with a low numbered grit belt, perhaps 80 grit, and then proceeds through the higher numbers. For example: 80, 120, 220, 400, 600, cork. Each stage should approximately half the grit of the previous one.

Floor standing model

Even with a cork belt, don’t expect a gloss you would see from a fire-polished piece. For that you need a cerium oxide belt or a felt belt with cerium oxide paste. Trizact is a brand name for fine polishing belts not requiring cerium oxide paste. These may be substituted for the more messy paste methods.

You can buy silicon carbide or diamond belts for a wet belt sander. The diamond belts are very expensive, but much longer lasting with proper care. If your belts are likely to receive rough treatment stick with the cheaper silicon carbide belts.