Sunday, 12 March 2017

Advice on Commissioning Craft

This is an outline of information you can give to a potential client to help them with the process of commissioning.

If you have always imagined owning something unique and original, or like to be distinctive and stylish and can’t find what you are looking for on the high street, then commissioning could be the way forward.

If you are nervous about taking the next step and uncertain what is involved, these are the key stages.
Step 1: What do you want?
Step 2: Research by looking at ideas and images that suit your imagination. Note who is working in that kind of style.
Step 3: Write a brief of what you have discovered and then discuss your ideas with the artist you have identified.
Step 4: Discuss the budget and get a written quotation.
Step 5: Agree on the time frame for progress and delivery updates. There are sometimes difficulties in making unique items.
Step 6: Communicate regularly with each other.

Remember, because the process is about communication, there is the potential for misunderstandings and differing expectations by the commissioner and maker. Make sure you have thought the process through before proceeding and ensure all aspects are clarified in writing before you begin - including the quotation, payment schedule, time frame, etc.

And finally…… Enjoy it

The opportunity to commission a piece is an exciting experience and can be rewarding to both you and the maker. As long as you are prepared, and keep communicating with each other, you will become the owner of a unique and special piece of work which will bring hours of pleasure and will be the envy of your friends. 

The full information can be downloaded from craftscotland