Thursday, 28 August 2008

Cutting concave curves

There are several methods that can be used to break out extreme inside curves. In all the cases you should retain a significant amount of glass around the edges of the curve. You should make this most difficult cut the first on the piece. If it fails, you may be able to move the glass a little and score again, without loosing too much glass.

To accomplish inside cuts by using the hand breaking method and/or pliers method, you must first score according to the cartoon line. Then you can make a series of concentric scores. Gently run the primary score line so any break does not run beyond this. Remove the graduated concentric scores in sequence.

You can also accomplish this type of cut by using the criss-cross pattern of score lines instead of concentric scores. First you must run the score of the curve to avoid the criss-cross lines from running beyond the curve. Then you begin to take out the little pieces from the waste area.

Another method is to score and run the curve (1), and then score a number of small crescents in the waste area, looking like fish scales or the fan type of paving seen in some European cities. Pull out each small crescent working toward the main curve (2,3,4).