Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Making Tests

Every time you get a kiln that is new to you – whether new or second hand – you need to do some tests. Recording these tests is essential to your future work.

The first test is to get to know your kiln – where are the hot and cool spots, what effect does the kiln produce at a given temperature and soak. A very good guide to knowing the temperature differentials in your kiln is given by Bullseye Tech Note 1 – Knowing Your Kiln 

The second test is to make a series of small scale tiles to know what your kiln does at different temperatures and rates of advance. What combination of rate and temperature gives the roundness, degree of tack, flat fuse that you want.
How does the kiln perform in slumping and what are the effects of thickness and number of layers on the rate of slump.

These are elements that you may feel are a delay in being able to experience the enjoyment of fusing. However, they are essential to the long term enjoyment and success of your fusing activities.