Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Kiln maintenance

Before or after each use

Vacuum the inside of the kiln. Use a low suction setting, especially on fibre walls and ceilings. Stronger suction is possible when cleaning the brick floor.

Check on the kiln furniture – including shelves, boards, supports. Are they kiln washed and without scrapes, scratches, gaps? Has the kiln wash been fired to full fuse temperature?. In both cases, clean the used kiln wash off the shelf and renew.

Check that the shelves and other kiln furniture are without cracks.

Clean kiln furniture of dust and debris.

Check the level of any item placed in the kiln, e.g., mould, with a spirit level.

Example of a small 2-way spirit level


Electrical parts: check the elements and their connections (normally at back or side). The screws on the connectors for the element tails should be tight. If they are badly corroded , they need to be replaced.

Any support pins or wires should be firmly seated in the brick work or supported by sound hangers.

Check the level of the kiln and internal shelves on a a regular basis and every time the kiln and its internal furniture is moved.