Saturday, 22 December 2018

Removing Kiln Wash from Shelves

There are at least three ways to remove kiln/batt wash from mullite kiln shelves.

One quick way is to use a broad wallpaper scraper held at a very acute angle to the shelf. This rapidly removes the separator. One down side to this method is that any uneven pressure can put a gouge into the surface of the shelf.

So a more gentle way to remove the wash is to use a drywall/plaster board sanding sheet or other open weave sanding material. This allows the powdered wash to come through the sanding material rather than clog up the material. The disadvantage to this is that it takes longer to remove the wash, although it does leave a very smooth shelf after many sandings.

A third way is to wash off the kiln wash. This is relatively quick, but it gets the shelf wet and requires a longer period before the shelf becomes dry. You can, of course put the next application of kiln wash on as soon as the shelf is clean. They both can dry off at the same time.

Power tools used to clean kiln wash from the shelves can induce low points in the shelf which will promote bubbles during fusing.  It is recommended to avoid power tools in removing kiln wash.

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