Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Glass Cutter Wheels

There are many different types of glass cutters on the market today. Choosing the proper cutter is the most important decision you must make, as it will be a large element of how you enjoy scoring and breaking glass. There are some elements that you should consider in addition to the style of the holder.

Steel Wheel Cutters are inexpensive but usually not long-lasting. They must be replaced frequently as they easily become damaged.

Tungsten Carbide Cutters are more expensive than steel wheel cutters, but far outlast them in durability. Self-lubricating cutters eliminate the need to constantly lubricate your cutter between scores.

Wheel Angles. There are steel wheel cutters which are good for general purpose cutting, production cutting, or pattern cutting. Some are good for cutting thinner glass, others for thicker glass. The angle of the bevel on the wheel determines this and differs from model to model, although some offer wheels of different angles. Pistol grip cutters produce more pressure than others.