Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Rehearsing Special Cuts

It is important to remember the basic scoring tips as they become even more important with difficult cuts:
  • Keep an even/constant speed during the scoring
  • Make sure the cutter is vertical – eye the cutter from top to wheel to cut line
  • Stand behind the direction of the cut line
  • Use your body to turn, do not use wrist or arm

For difficult cuts you can increase your confidence by rehearsing the score with a feather light movement of the cutter on the glass along the score line. Make any adjustments shown to be necessary by this rehearsal before beginning the score.

Start with the most difficult score first. Any break-outs or mistakes will not waste much work or glass.

Break out each score as you make it. You can store up trouble by making multiple scores before starting to break. The score lines can run across the main piece when breaking off the scored glass. Any inaccuracies will also be magnified by making all the scores before breaking.