Friday, 11 May 2018

Leading Procedure

Cut the leads exactly as the cartoon indicates. In other words, where one line runs into another, that is generally a stopping/starting point for the came.

Always lead to the cartoon line, not the glass. This ensures accurate completion of the panel. If the glass is slightly too small, the cement will take up the gap (assuming the flange of the came covers the glass – if not, you need to cut another piece of glass that fits). If the glass overlaps the cut line, it needs to be reduced.  A description of the process is given here.

This shows the use of a guage to determine where to cut the horizontal lead came.

Cut the ends of the came shorter than the glass. The best way to determine this is to place a piece of came of the dimensions being used for the next edge on the cut line. Use it to determine the length and angle for the cut. The object is to have each piece of came butt squarely against the passing came, to make a strong panel and to make soldering easier.