Thursday, 16 October 2008

Images for Juries

Images of work

Uniform neutral backgrounds and accurate colour make the artwork jump off the screen and easy to evaluate. Images must be sharp with good contrast. Matching backgrounds for a uniform presentation are recommended. Some advocate black borders around the image (which includes the background); in any case there should be a dark border to fill the projected space. White backgrounds that don’t fill the frame are extremely white and make it difficult to define the work easily. Review any automated scanning to ensure the image is up to standard.

Distracting elements should be kept to a minimum. A few are variable background colours and textures; variable border colours, or none; low contrast; too much white in the images and background; and fuzzy images

Booth images

The booth seems to be artists’ weak spot. The booth images should be as set up for a show. They should be actual rather than digitally created. Some sense of scale needs to be included.

Because jury images are the artists’ most important asset, attending an open jury viewing is important. It allows you to see a variety of presentations and learn the best and make notes of what to avoid. So if the opportunity presents itself, attend an open jury viewing.

Based on information from Larry Berman

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