Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Firing and Cleaning Silver Stain

After the silver stain has completely dried, the glass is ready to fire in the kiln. Remember to fire silver stained items separately from other painted glass. The maturing temperature is between 509°C (950°F) and 565°C (1050° F). Place the glass on the kiln shelf with the painted side down and the silver stain facing up. Fire between 509°C (950°F) and 537°C (1000° F) for softer glasses, and to between 537°C (1000° F) and 565°C (1050° F) for harder glasses. The higher temperatures in each range will result in darker colour.

After firing and cooling remove your glass from the kiln. The glass will look exactly as it did when you first placed it in the kiln, as though it hasn't fired. In fact, the firing process will have done its job, but first you must remove the residual layer of gamboge gum. Simply spray with window cleaner and wipe off. Underneath, your glass should be stained some lovely shade of golden yellow.