Monday, 23 February 2009

Loops for Hanging Panels


These can be made from copper or brass wire. The single strand wire is better than twisted strands.

Take a length just over twice the length to be covered. The larger or heavier the panel, the longer the loop should be. Bend the middle over a nail to maintain an “eye” space at the middle.

Hold the tails so they do not overlap or twist when closing the legs to form the eye.

Grasp wire with the pliers just below the bend and close the loop.

Inserting chain into the loops can be done at the time of forming the loops, thus avoiding the need to split chain links and re-solder them.

Alternatively, you can open a chain link, insert it into the loop’s eye and solder it closed afterwards.

If you are using fishing line or other lines or wires that can be joined or tied, you can insert them into the loop eyes later.