Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Lead Dykes

Lead dykes are used to cut the lead came when the angle to be cut is oblique. The cutting edge of the tool is flattened on one side and is very sharp. This is a tool where you get what you pay for. It should be spring loaded to return to the opened position readily. The jaws should move freely and easily and should be large enough to span 3/8" lead.

The tool is held with the jaws pointing down with the flat side of the tool facing the side of the lead you want flat. The lead is held oriented as it will be used. The tool will be cutting into the sides of the lead strip, not from the top and bottom of the came. When cut and observed directly from the top, the upper came flange should be directly over the bottom flange. If one flange extends beyond the other, there will be a gap where the cames meet.

This is a tool that cuts square or nearly square angles on came quickly and neatly. It is not very good for angles. A lead knife is better there.