Saturday, 24 January 2009

Baoli compatibility with Bullseye

My tests have shown a variety of compatibilities from badly incompatible to apparently fully compatible. Each sheet will need to be tested against Bullseye, but this gives some indication of the extent of compatibility across the range. With my set of samples this indicated that 71% might be compatible, 23% showed stress and 6% were clearly incompatible.

All these were tested using Bullseye Tekta 1101.38 with a strip test. Again I stress each sheet of Baoli will need to be tested before use.

BB00-3 compatible
BB001 slight incompatibility
BB023-3 not compatible
BB024-3 slight incompatibility
BB031-3 compatible
BB032-3 slight incompatibility
BB059-3 compatible
BB063-3 compatible
BB071-3 compatible
BB072-3 compatible
BB074-3 compatible
BB081-3 compatible
BB082-3 compatible
BB091-3 slight incompatibility
BB101-3 slight incompatibility
BB211-3 compatible
BB0311-3 compatible
BB0410-3 compatible
BB0411-3 compatible
BB0412-3 compatible
BB0413-3 slight incompatibility
BB0414-3 compatible
BB513-3 slight incompatibility
BB0413-3 compatible
BB0414-3 compatible
BB0415-3 compatible
BB0416-3 compatible
BB049-3 compatible
BB0510-3 compatible
BB0511-3 compatible
BB0512-3 compatible
BB0513-3 compatible
BB058-3 compatible
BB711-3 slight incompatibility
BB712-3 compatible
BB812-3 slight incompatibility
BB911-3 not compatible