Thursday, 2 January 2020

Fitting the Glass to the Cartoon

Often you find that the next piece of glass does not fit properly. Possibly it rocks a bit in the came’s channel. Possibly it is simply just a little too big.  Wait! Don't adjust the piece just yet. It may not be the problem.

The first thing to do is to take the too-large piece of glass out and remove the came it fits into, to ensure the previous piece of glass is not too large. The glass should not overlap the cut line. If you have drawn your cut lines to 1.2mm (1/16”) you should see only the faintest line of paper between the glass and the dark cut line. 

If the glass seems too large, check that it is firmly in the channel of the previous came, as sometimes the glass catches on the edge of the came and does not go into the channel.

If that piece seems too large, the next check is to determine whether the apparently too large piece of glass really fits the cartoon cut lines. Place the glass inside the cut lines. You should see a faint line of paper between the glass and the cut line.

When you are sure both pieces of glass are the correct size, put the came back between them and check again. If the glass is still too large, check the length of the came. Make sure the came butting onto the came separating the glass is not too long. This is a common reason for lead panels to grow beyond their initial dimensions.

If the glass is the correct size and the butting cames are correct, replace the came. Put the too large piece of glass into the came and position it so it has the best fit to the next cut line. 

Do not be tempted to start reducing the glass at the visible portion.  After all, you cut it to the right size. It may be that the fit under the came is not very good.

To check use a felt tipped pen (Sharpie) to run along the edge of the came, marking the too-large piece of glass. Take it out and check on where the line is farthest from the edge of the glass. That is where you need to reduce the piece.

The nail points to the area that needs adjustment

When you have reduced the "high" spots on the glass so it fits under the came evenly along its length, you can begin to adjust the outer edge, if necessary.

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