Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Installation of Glazing Bars

There are a few tips that concern the installation of glazing bars into wood frames. An important element to understand is that the purpose of the bars is to protect the panel from horizontal wind pressures on the window, not to lift the panel or in any other way strengthen the panel vertically.

The holes on one side should be at least 5mm deeper than the other. For a really secure attachment one side should be at least 15mm deep and the other 7-10mm. This allows a significant amount of wood to seat the bar. The bar should be at least 10mm longer than the opening is wide.

The hole you drill should be 1mm larger than the bar diameter. This will make moving the bar easier. Additionally, the ends of the bars should be filed to remove any roughness. Also greasing the ends of the bar with tallow or candle wax will ease the movement of the bars.

If the bar is to be installed inside sash windows you can ease the installation by determining the height of the hole to be drilled by presenting the panel to the opening and marking the frame where the bar is to be attached to the panel. Drill the hole so the edge of it is flush with the rebate. This allows you to use a chisel to open the hole enough to allow the bar to be placed in the socket now prepared. In these cases the bar needs to be no longer than the opening.

The installation should be completed by forcing putty into any gaps left between the bar and the hole. This will stiffen and help to firm up the bar’s attachment to the frame.