Monday, 16 February 2009

Properties of Glass

Mechanically Strong
Glass has great inherent strength. It is weakened only by surface imperfections, which give everyday glass its fragile reputation. Special tempering can minimize surface flaws.

The surface of glass resists scratches and abrasions.

Glass gives under stress - up to its breaking point - but rebounds exactly to its original shape.

Chemical Corrosion-Resistant
Glass is affected by only a few chemicals. It resists most industrial and food acids.

Thermal Shock- Resistant
Glass with stands intense heat or cold as well as sudden temperature changes.

Glass retains heat, rather than conducts it. It absorbs heat better than metal.

Optical Properties
  • Reflects
  • Bends
  • Transmits
  • Absorbs light with great accuracy.
Electrically Insulating
Glass strongly resists electric current. It stores electricity very efficiently.