Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Re-firing Poorly Annealed Items

Sometimes you suspect a piece has not been adequately annealed and want to re-fire it to make it sound. The question arises as to how quickly it can be re-rfired.

These pieces are very easy to heat shock, so the initial rate of advance needs to be much slower than for any piece of the same size, possibly less than half the usual rate. This slow rate should be steady without pauses until about 540ÂșC, which is above the annealing point of most fusing glasses. At this point you can speed up the rate of advance to whatever your normal one is.

Of course, it is best to anneal each piece on each firing to the extent that there is no question  that the piece is properly annealed. Looking at the Bullseye project notes and the annealing of thick slabs can help for evenly thick items. For tack fused and items of uneven thickness, you could review this posting.