Saturday, 10 March 2012

Using Scraps

There are a number of ways to use fusing compatible cullet, also known as scraps. There are probably many more ways to use cullet in kiln forming processes, but these are the ones I use.

Arrange the cullet in a pot or over a mesh for a pot melt or a mesh melt and use the result on the shelf or container for elements in other fusing. 

Boil the glass. This involves arranging the cullet on the shelf – normally dammed – and taking it to around 925C with a significant soak. The resulting bubbles that rise and break leave patterns in the glass.

Pattern bars can be made through arrangement of the pieces in a dammed area to make long rectangular bars.

Cut or arrange the cullet into strips, curves and other shapes. Shingle them into appealing patterns without being concerned about gaps. The result can be presented as panels or, when slumped, as vessels.

Crush the cullet into frit and sort into various sizes for subsequent use. Use a dust mask while doing this.

Use as cullet for casting. Then you don't need to crush the pieces.

Sell it.