Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Soldering Fumes

Exhausting Soldering Fumes
Making a fanExhausting fumes while soldering is a safety issue of considerable importance. If you happen to have an outdoor screened-in studio a simple fix can be had with a computer fan! You can scavenge such a fan from an older used computer ready for disposal. Simply cut four timbers 50mm square or 25mm x 100mm to fit around it as a box. Attach a long electrical cord to it with an approved plug;. Attach a screen to both sides. Plug in. An additional feature is to attach an activated carbon filter (as used for cooker hoods) to the front of the fan. This removes particles and some fumes.

Always set it to draw fumes away you, generally pointing it so that it is blowing the fumes in the same direction as the larger air flow in the studio. In general a very large fan doesn't always do the job alone, since the fumes always seem to rise up and find your nose. However, with the additional tiny computer fan sitting right next to where you are currently soldering, the fumes just move away.