Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Copper Foil Limitations

Unsupported windowsWindows without either rebar or internal support via Strongline or re-strip should not measure any more than 610mm in any dimension.

Flat work
It is not advisable to create anything over 1220mm (4 feet) by 1830mm (six feet) for a window installation even with re-inforcing bars. All such large copper foiled windows need an exterior piece of safety glass flush against the stained glass. Alternatively, split the window into smaller panels supported on “T” bar.

ReinforcementsAnything over 610mm square normally requires internal reinforcements with either Strongline and/or restrip. Inserting long strips of either Strongline (copper plated steel) or restrip (thicker strips of copper) in between the copper foiled glass pieces to create a "spine" and then a "grid" of internal support is necessary when dispensing with rebar (horizontal lines of brass, steel, or other stiff metals attached to the panel for structural support).