Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Polishing Panels with Paint and Enamels on the Glass

Do not use black patina on the lead/solder lines on your finished work if there is any painted glass into the panel whether leaded or foiled. This relates to traditional painting on glass, using vitreous paints, fired at ca. 670C and to cold paints often cured in a domestic oven.

When using enamels within the painting, do not let any patina come in contact with the finished production. The patina will etch out all the enamel colour. The patina will etch off the outer layer, either removing the shiny top layer of paint, or the delicate lines of detail work altogether. Copper patina takes a little of the paint off, but not nearly as badly as the black.

Instead, brush the panel with a natural bristle brush, as used for putty clean up, and polish.

Silver stains that have been properly held at the maturing temp, should withstand any patina application, as they have become incorporated at the molecular level with the glass.

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