Saturday, 23 August 2008


Over the years, I have collected a lot of information about working with decorative glass. I have done this through reading, working, observing, talking and teaching. At each stage of my experience I have learned things and have often been surprised that not everyone else knows about these little techniques to make things go more easily. I am also surprised at the number of people who want to keep these little ways of working to themselves.

This blog is set up to disseminate these little ways to all who want to develop their skills and find other ways of working. My way is not always the right way. It is certainly not the only way to do things. But some suggestions may make the work easier.

This will also include a variety of pieces of information about the characteristics of glass, equipment, and of course my opinions on a variety of glass related matters.

So I hope this will become a useful little pile of data for others to mine. Like miners, some people will keep some things and throw others away. That's fine with me. Disputes on my methods and opinions are also invited.